Beiping Daily is the expression of an interest in a nation that have come to shape us. It is a look at China without fear nor favour, with substantial critique as well as admiration and inspiration.

The analytical focus of Beiping Daily is divided in three:

1) China´s domestic changes caused by an unprecedented rapid development. As these domestic changes now have a substantial impact beyond the limits of its borders, the second focus area is:

2) Subsequent economic and political effect globally. This effect, steaming from pure quantitative catch-up dynamics, and new ways of doing, being and thinking challange structures, ideas and agencies far from China´s borders.

3) The human experience of the technlogical society. China is now a leading technological nation. Technology is here coined a “primary productive force” as it stands above and free from politcs and economics. With more advanced and autnomous technology, implemented and spread on a massive scale, this technology is altering humans perceptions and experience of the society and reality in a substantial way.

Beiping Daily strives to make more sense, of your reality.